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Research on the Training Model of College Students' Innovative Teams in the Internet Era

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DOI: 10.25236/ICRTPE.2019.196


Ren Wei

Corresponding Author

Ren Wei


The rapid development of the Internet provides an opportunity for the innovation of college students' team. In the national innovation system, colleges and universities are an important part of the output channel of talent training. It is particularly important to cultivate the sense of teamwork and team spirit in improving the overall quality of colleges and universities. Today's colleges and universities have not completely taken the old road of exam-oriented education, but learning and doing in one, diversified development. Driven by the Internet era, team training in Colleges and universities has become the mainstream trend. This paper focuses on exploring and researching the training mode of College Students' innovative team in the Internet era, and puts forward corresponding exploration paths and solutions.


Internet Age; Innovation Team; Talent Training