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Research on Interactive Teaching Model of Courses in Five Areas of Preschool Education

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DOI: 10.25236/ICRTPE.2019.195


Tao Wang

Corresponding Author

Tao Wang


The five major fields of preschool education are the teaching methods of preschool education, which contain abundant subject knowledge and educational skills. The purpose of this kind of curriculum is to cultivate the design and organizational ability of future preschool teachers' educational activities, which is the core of improving the quality of preschool teachers. Therefore, in the process of teaching practice of preschool education specialty, the original teaching mode must be reformed in order to meet the requirements of the new era for the training of preschool teachers. Interactive teaching method helps to improve the enthusiasm of students, shorten the gap between teaching situation and actual work, and ensure that students quickly meet the job needs after graduation, which helps to realize the transformation from students to teachers.


Preschool education; Five Areas; Interactive teaching