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The Application of Task-Driven Method Based on Mobile Internet in the Reform of Applied Writing Teaching

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DOI: 10.25236/ICRTPE.2019.193


Zhaofei Yan

Corresponding Author

Zhaofei Yan


The Internet course realizes the sharing of teaching resources. Students can use the online platform to discuss and share, which effectively improves the teaching efficiency and learning efficiency. The emergence of the online course provides an opportunity and direction for the reform and reconstruction of the applied writing curriculum system. This paper explores how to conduct task-driven teaching in the application of text writing in the context of the mobile Internet environment. Task-driven teaching method guides students to complete learning tasks in independent inquiry and teamwork by creating learning situations. It integrates teaching, learning and doing, which can stimulate students' interest in learning, improve students' comprehensive quality, and apply writing courses. Reform has strong applicability. In the teaching process, pay attention to the practicality, feasibility and hierarchy of task setting, proper teaching management, and focus on the use of procedural evaluation and diversified evaluation methods to guide students, so as to explore students' deep learning ability and improve students' comprehensive ability.


Mobile internet; Task-driven approach; Application writing