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Research on the Innovative Application of Diagram to the Cultivation of Environmental design Professionals

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DOI: 10.25236/ICRTPE.2019.192


Qionglin Liu

Corresponding Author

Qionglin Liu


In a society where information and urbanization develop at an accelerating speed, culture and innovation have become the core competitiveness of every country. Universities in China have also shifted their emphasis from skills training, to the cultivation of academic thinking, and independent thinking ability to cope with social change and scientific and technological progress. As an emerging design discipline, environmental design major, boasts a short history with a high-speed development rate. Based on such situations, this paper illustrates the significance of diagrams to the cultivation of creative and innovative ability of environmental design professionals, and enumerates some implementation methods through expounding the diagram characteristics, creative function and its role in the cultivation of environmental design professionals.


Diagram; Environmental design major; Personnel training; Creativity; innovative ability