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Analysis of Factors Affecting Children's Personality Shaping from the Perspective of Developmental Psychology

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DOI: 10.25236/ICRTPE.2019.190


Wang Rao

Corresponding Author

Wang Rao


This paper analyzes the main characteristics of children's different stages in the process of personality shaping, and explores the possible influencing factors and the characteristics of their personality self-development. In recent years, the issue of the cultivation of children's healthy personality has received extensive attention. Having a good personality requires not only the child's personal efforts, but also the needs for the community to intervene and regulate according to different factors. According to the literature, the author combs and summarizes that personality formation is mainly caused by biological factors, such as congenital temperament, physical appearance, constitution and mature rate. In personality shaping, family and peers play a great role. In addition, the development of children's personality is ultimately their own development, and the role of subjective initiative cannot be ignored.


Developmental Psychology; Children; Personality Shaping; Influencing Factors