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Research on the Training of Fitness Coaches under the Cooperative Innovation of "Government, Industry, Education and Research"

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DOI: 10.25236/ICRTPE.2019.189


Hongjiang Wu

Corresponding Author

Hongjiang Wu


Fitness coach is the pillar of the development of fitness service industry, and the training of fitness coach seriously affects the development of fitness service industry. This paper points out that there are some problems in the training of fitness coaches in China, such as the imperfect system of training institutions, the low degree of specialization of market developers, and the uneven quality of training. To solve these problems, combined with the "government, industry, education and research" collaborative innovation model, this paper puts forward some development countermeasures, such as strengthening policy guidance and allocation, establishing the concept of win-win cooperation and collaborative development, building collaborative innovation mechanism, precise service, and based on user needs.


Government; industry; education and research; collaborative innovation; fitness coach