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Study on the Change of the Tone in the Flute Indoor Performance

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DOI: 10.25236/humal.2017.44


Kuan Zhang

Corresponding Author

Kuan Zhang


Flute This unique musical instrument is not only played an important role in the orchestra, but also widely used in chamber music. In the chamber music, the flute because of its soft and soft tube of the sound, both with the wind instrument harmony, but also complement each other string instruments. In the form of rich performance, the player how to the flute's unique voice to take the initiative to control, in order to achieve with the common performance of the instrument sound more fusion purposes, is very worth exploring. Because of the complexity of multiple attributes, it has been more difficult to elaborate, so by layer analysis of the factors that determine the tone, and then explain the purpose and means of flute tone change is more academic significance. This article from the acoustical point of view and music psychology point of view to analyze why, and how to play in the chamber music will be changed to the flute sound.


Tone Change, Flute, Control Charts, Indoor Performance