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Literature Review and Reflection on the Integration of Ideological and Political Education of College Students and Innovation and Entrepreneurship Education

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DOI: 10.25236/ICRTPE.2019.188


Rongping Luo, Guolan Xie

Corresponding Author

Rongping Luo


In the past two years, research on the integration of ideological and political education of college students and innovation and entrepreneurship education has developed rapidly. Using the word frequency analysis method to analyze the “innovation and entrepreneurship education”, “ideological and political education of college students” and the related literatures of the integration of the two educations in China Knowledge Network and CSSCI, the research hotspots are found to be relatively concentrated in education and ideological and political culture. The main point of scholars is that the goals of the two educations are consistent, and mutual integration is beneficial to college students to establish their socialist core values, enhance their comprehensive quality of innovation and entrepreneurship, and promote their ability of innovation and entrepreneurship. The existing problems are that the concept is lagging behind, the teaching staff is weak, the practice platform is not substantial, and the incentive mechanism is lacking. Based on the research and personal practice, the author believes that in the integration of the two educations, professional education is the foundation, Professional education is the basis for the integration of two educations, and the concept is guarantee.


Ideological and political education; innovation and entrepreneurship education; integration; countermeasures