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Cultivation of Innovative Talents with Research Experiments

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DOI: 10.25236/ICRTPE.2019.187


Liyong Ma, Mingjian Sun, Hai Du

Corresponding Author

Mingjian Sun


In recent years, more and more novel research courses have been developed in universities to train innovative engineering talents. The training of experimental process is an important part of the course, and there are certain requirements for these experiments. First, the contents are interesting and not too far away from the actual life of students. Second, the experimental equipment and content should meet the multi-level innovation engineering needs of different students. Recently, some novel research experiments of quadrotor unmanned aerial vehicle are developed. These experiments can not only interest students, but also support students in different research directions. Especially, they combine simulation with real object, which greatly facilitates the development of experiment and research work. The experiments are described and this work will be of positive significance to the development of similar courses and experiments.


Experiment development; Innovative talent cultivation; Quadrotor unmanned aerial vehicle