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Teaching Reform Practice of "Mobile Application Development" Course

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DOI: 10.25236/ICRTPE.2019.182


Gao Xia, Zhu Feng

Corresponding Author

Gao Xia


"Mobile Application Development" is a professional course offered by computer science, which aims to let students master the development capabilities of Android applications. In view of the problems existing in the current curriculum system, such as the derailment of the teaching content, the teaching method is single, the research and learning content cannot be deepened, etc. This paper formulates teaching reform through the use of online and offline dual-platform, the introduction of curriculum ideological and political, the introduction of real project cases in the course, the use of 1 + X assessment form, so that ultimately achieve a good results-oriented teaching effect.


Offline and online; Course Ideology and Politics; Project; 1+X