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Application Research of Penetration Teaching Mode in the Construction of Electronic Gold Courses

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DOI: 10.25236/ICRTPE.2019.181


Yan Jing, Min Zhang, Xiujuan Ma

Corresponding Author

Min Zhang


Under the guidance of creating the electronic gold course and the "six excellences one top plan" 2.0, aiming at some problems existing in the electronic major students in colleges and universities, this paper re-plans and designs the electronic practical teaching. A new penetration teaching mode is established in the electronic practical courses. Six kinds of penetration modes are given in detail, namely, the penetration of knowledge points, the penetration of relevant courses, the penetration of multiple hardware, the penetration of multiple software, the penetration of hardware and software, and the penetration of time and space. Several years of practice have proved that the penetration mode is helpful to create electronic gold courses, improve the innovation and challenge of courses, and cultivate electronic graduates with first-class quality and high social recognition.


Penetrating Teaching Mode; Gold Course; Practical Teaching; Innovation