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Research on the Music Style of Clarinet Performance

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DOI: 10.25236/humal.2017.43


Peilong He

Corresponding Author

Peilong He


In this paper, the development history of the clarinet and the structure of the clarinet are summarized. Then, from the aspects of the performance of the clarinet, the teaching method is explained by the type, tone, pronunciation, spit, hand and transit of the clarinet. In the teaching of students prone to the situation to analyze and solve, and playing on the method of teaching some of the views; on the psychological also carried out a brief overview, combined with the above, on the teaching methods of teaching, conducted some discussion ; Playing not only have skills, but also music, for the performance of the works and playing style, through the clarinet each period of representative composers and works for a brief analysis of the style of the song and there are some music on the Playing, summed up from the classical period to the century, the characteristics of various periods of music and style, so as to how the players to form their own style of play to discuss.


Clarinet Performance, Music Style, Development Trend