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One New Training Electronic Talents Method Based on Hierarchical Design

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DOI: 10.25236/ICRTPE.2019.178


Min Zhang, Xiujuan Ma, Yan Jing, Fusheng Dai, Xinsheng Wang

Corresponding Author

Xiujuan Ma


Guided by the trilogy of emerging engineering construction and 40 items of higher education in the new era, hierarchical teaching design has been proposed in this paper to better teach students by their aptitude. Hierarchical teaching design includes hierarchical teaching objects and hierarchical teaching contents. The teaching objects are divided into three levels of junior, senior undergraduate and postgraduate. Teaching cases and teaching modes with different difficulty are adopted for different teaching objects. It has been proved by practice that the hierarchical teaching design can better solve the problems of various weak abilities commonly existing among students, improve the requirements of different levels students for learning content and targetability of different levels, and achieve the goal of cultivating electronic talents under the background of emerging engineering.


Hierarchical Design; Emerging Engineering; Practical Teaching; Innovative Ability