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Analysis on the Development Path of Public Art

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DOI: 10.25236/humal.2017.42


Binghao qu

Corresponding Author

Binghao qu


Public art belongs to the field of contemporary art, which makes the art of public space and the public have a mutual influence, embodies the public space democracy, open, exchange, sharing a spirit and attitude. Compared with classical art and modernist art, the most striking feature is its publicity. "Publicity" as the core concept of public art, the development of public art has an important role. The "public nature" established on the basis of certain civil society and public sphere is the symbol of the free and conscious spirit of the public art. It is the core of the concept of public art and the soul of public art theory. In the practice of public art, the social disputes and public issues related to public interest, public value, power discourse and identity are gradually highlighted, showing the value of public art and the indivisibility of public life. To this end, it is necessary to construct a theoretical framework of the system, and in this theoretical framework of public art "public" to the logical starting point of the analysis.


Development Path, Public Art, Society Science