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Teaching Reform of Semiconductor Materials and Devices Based on Multimedia Technology

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DOI: 10.25236/ICRTPE.2019.165


Ying Zhang

Corresponding Author

Ying Zhang


In order to meet the needs of personnel training in new strategic industries in China and to train applied and research-oriented talents more in line with the needs of development, the course "Semiconductor Materials and Devices" is offered to improve the ability of university students to combine theory with application, including the contents of semiconductor materials, optoelectronic devices and microelectronic devices. Combining with the teaching practice, the teaching reform of semiconductor materials and devices based on multimedia technology is studied through the consideration and practice of the purpose and significance of the course, the construction of teaching content and teaching methods. The purpose is to improve students' enthusiasm and initiative in learning, stimulate students' interest in learning this course, and make students fully understand the theory and principle of optoelectronic devices and microelectronic devices, so as to improve the quality of teaching. Reasonable selection and application of modern teaching media in multimedia teaching can truly realize the interaction between teaching and teachers and students, and achieve the optimal teaching effect.


Multimedia technology; Semiconductor materials and devices; Teaching reform; Educational innovation