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Research on the Construction of Preschool Education Major with Professional and Innovative Integration to Help Poverty Alleviation, Intelligence Improvement and Ambition Support

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DOI: 10.25236/ICRTPE.2019.164


Yingchun Sun

Corresponding Author

Yingchun Sun


As a hotspot of the major liberal arts major, the preschool education major can no longer adapt to the development under the new economic situation. With the deepening of the concepts of "Internet +" and "innovation and entrepreneurship", the combination of professional education and innovation and entrepreneurship is perfect. The inevitable trend of the construction of preschool education in higher vocational education. This paper starts with the development of preschool education in vocational colleges in Yichang, Hubei Province, analyzes the necessity of preschool education integration, and proposes the specific construction path of the integrated vocational education model to ensure that preschool children in poverty-stricken areas are properly and effectively High-quality education, the development of pre-school education is always full of vitality, in order to achieve the effect of education poverty alleviation, help wisdom, and support for the cause, eradicating the cyclical effect of poverty accumulation from the source, and blocking the intergenerational transmission of poverty.


Vocational preschool education; Professional and Innovative Integration; Poverty Alleviation; Intelligence Improvement; Ambition Support