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The Countermeasure of Integrating Cultural Confidence into College Students' Ideological and Political Education

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DOI: 10.25236/ICRTPE.2019.160


Yan Zhao

Corresponding Author

Yan Zhao


The obligatory responsibilities and obligations of ideological and political theory teaching are list as follow aspects, the correct ideological guidance and value shaping, respecting history, adapting to Chinese characteristics, creating mainstream characteristic culture, and strengthening cultural confidence. According to the general situation of the country's ideological and political theory courses and the characteristics of The Applied Colleges and Universities, we should grasp the teaching and teaching reform of Ideological and political theory courses from the position and orientation of the times, and train applied talents from three aspects of value guidance, ability training and knowledge imparting. The main line of Ideological and political teaching reform in Colleges and universities. Based on the guidance of the above ideas, the author's teaching reform team has made a school year's teaching reform. The focus of the reform lies in the curricula of Ideological and political theory, giving full play to the professional expertise of students majoring in literature and art, realizing the peer orientation between literature and art and ideological and political courses, and practically integrating cultural confidence into Ideological and political education through various ways. In the teaching of governance theory, we should really realize “four self-confidents” into our hearts and minds.


Cultural confidence; applied undergraduate college students; literature and art; ideological and political education