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Application of Flipped Classroom Based on “WeChat + Class” Interactive Feedback in Foreign Language Teaching in Universities in Yunnan

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DOI: 10.25236/ICRTPE.2019.152


Yang Ping, Qian Shi, Tang Geman

Corresponding Author

Yang Ping


Flipped classroom teaching mode has become one of the hottest topics of educational reform and innovation, and it is also an important research direction of current higher education in China. This paper reviews the research of flipped classroom at home and abroad, analyses the necessity of its research and puts forward a sustainable, more practical, operable and practical way for the effective implementation of the flipped classroom which is based on the interactive feedback of “Wechat + Class” in foreign language teaching in universities and colleges in Yunnan. Undoubtedly, it is hoped that the way of “Wechat + Class” promotes the exploration of the new and effective teaching theory and mode of flipped classroom, which has great research value and practical application prospects.


Flipped classroom; WeChat + Class; Foreign language teaching