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Teaching Research on Enhancing the Charm of Time Value of Funds

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DOI: 10.25236/ICRTPE.2019.145


Wang Chunfang

Corresponding Author

Wang Chunfang


The time value of funds occupies half of the financial management. It is a basic skill of financial management, and is consistent with risk management, but the difficulty is far greater than risk management. Deeply understand the connotation of the time value of funds, grasp the position and role of the content in financial management, master the teaching methods appropriate to the content, reasonably arrange the number of hours of the content, the charm of the time value of funds can be revealed, the difficulty will eventually Replaced by charm, the teaching effect will be greatly improved, and the difficulty factor of financial management's overall content learning will drop significantly. Financial management can be realized at a higher level and status in curriculum construction, professional construction, and career planning.


Time value of funds; charisma improvement; teaching research