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Teaching Reform and Innovation Practice of “Electrical Automation Technology” Professional Integration Course Based on “Internet +” Background

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DOI: 10.25236/ICRTPE.2019.139


Wang Dandan

Corresponding Author

Wang Dandan


“Internet +” has become an ineviTable trend in the current national development, and is also one of the strategies for national development and future action. The current education field is also undergoing continuous changes under this background. Under the reform and implementation, the individualized development of students themselves has been continuously developed and progressed. Under the reform of “Internet +” education, students will reduce the time and space constraints, and at the same time, they can set different curriculum plans according to the different developmental personality of students, and at the same time use the fragmented time to further study. Through the “Internet Automation” environment under the “Internet +” environment, this article further protects students in such conditions by making full use of the school's “Internet +” foundation and better training and practical conditions and hardware facilities. Under the premise of achieving skills training and mastery. In addition, Internet technology can effectively change the traditional teaching methods of the school, and at the same time, it can integrate the teaching resources under “Internet +”, so that teachers and students in the teaching can fully interact and communicate, and further guarantee the “Electrical Automation Technology” profession. Achieve integrated teaching results.


“Internet +”; “Electrical Automation Technology” major; integrated curriculum teaching