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Research on Application-based Undergraduate English Teaching Reform Based on “Knowledge-Capacity”

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DOI: 10.25236/ICRTPE.2019.138


Chen Cheng

Corresponding Author

Chen Cheng


Due to the rapid economic development, countries and regions have been swept into the wave of internationalization. In order to communicate effectively between countries, English has become an important communication tool, so that English communication is available. The need for competent talents is constantly improving. The current English teaching is mainly to effectively train and apply the students' external communication skills to the actual situation, and to ensure that students can master the professional knowledge and skills while understanding and mastering English. Cultivating into a comprehensive and compound talents will ultimately meet the development needs and development trends of the society. In the current various positions, it is necessary to adapt to the appropriate capabilities. Therefore, by constructing the talent training path under the “knowledge-ability” mode, and applying the reform of applied undergraduate English teaching, it is necessary to adhere to the application. Focusing on the ideas and ideas, and proposing a variety of effective teaching methods, in order to create a good teaching atmosphere and teaching environment, with scientific and reasonable curriculum arrangements, and finally guarantee that under such mode Students can grow into a complex, applied talent that a society needs.


Applied undergraduate; “knowledge-ability” training mode; English teaching; reform