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Talking about the valuable project accomplished perfectly of the reform of the packaging design curriculum from the perspective of the collaborative education

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DOI: 10.25236/ICRTPE.2019.125


Liu Xiaoyu, Hao Xiaohua

Corresponding Author

Liu Xiaoyu


The packaging design curriculum was the core curriculum of the visual communication design major. The curriculum knowledge included the choice of the packaging materials, the container structure, the packaging method, and the transmission of the visual language and also included the printing process, molding process, the consumer psychology, the human engineering and other aspects of knowledge, which was a curriculum with the strong comprehensiveness and practicality. In order to improve the comprehensive quality of the teacher troop, cultivate students' practical creative ability and the market analysis, Guangzhou College of Technology and Business and Guangzhou Mingdong Education Consulting Co., Ltd. cooperated with each other as the school and enterprise to jointly educate the students, developed the packaging design curriculum together, so that the students could accomplish the valuable project perfectly in the curriculum and the practical and innovative talents could be cultivated to realize the integration of the production and the education, and achieve a win-win situation between schools and enterprises.


Collaborative education; Packaging design; Curriculum reform; Valuable project accomplished perfectly