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Research on the Application of “Contrast” Evaluation and Reform Teaching Mode Based on Information Technology

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DOI: 10.25236/ICRTPE.2019.119


Luo Guoshi

Corresponding Author

Luo Guoshi


Aiming at the problem of “learning by doing” with or without improvement, this paper explores the teaching mode of “comparative” evaluation in Higher Vocational education, aiming at guiding students to use superstar learning to self-study and self-test their theoretical knowledge before class. On this basis, it tries to “do” in order to warm up. Then we will carry out “doing” training and comparison and correction activities in the class. On-line and off-line hybrid learning should give full play to the advantages of information technology, push students to the dominant position, learn from each other in positive and negative comparison, and deeply understand in front and back comparison. In this way, we can realize the three-in-one in-depth study of classroom teaching and “doing evaluation and correction” of theoretical knowledge. It is of great practical significance to improve the level of information-based teaching and to cultivate students' autonomous learning, cooperative learning and communication ability.


Information technology; Contrast evaluation and correction; Model; Study