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Higher education popularization and promoted application of modern education technology

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DOI: 10.25236/ICRTPE.2019.118


Zhao Hui, Wang Xiaoyan

Corresponding Author

Zhao Hui


Higher education popularization refers to a higher education activity and phenomenon which is happening currently in the whole world, while higher education in our country is also in the popularization process. Higher education popularization in our country is the one in the country which accounts for 1/5 population of the whole world, is the largest-scale activity in the world, we must pay much attention to it. From historical perspective, higher education is developing continuously, the later stage of which is based on the previous stage for its development, therefore, the whole process of higher education in our country from elite stage to popularization stage and even to widespread stage can be taken as the process of higher education popularization.


Higher education; popularization trend; modern education technology