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Research on the Application of Sports Skills Transfer Principle in Gymnastics Teaching and Training Based on Humanistic Care

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DOI: 10.25236/ICRTPE.2019.117


Shichao Wang

Corresponding Author

Shichao Wang


Gymnastics is a sport with complex and diversified movement structure rather than synchronization. In gymnastics teaching and training, the phenomenon of transfer of sports skills is widespread. The structure of competitive gymnastics movements is complex and diverse, and it is difficult to practice. Teachers should grasp the intrinsic relationship of movement techniques, master active teaching methods and reduce the influence of negative factors in teaching. Some projects have negative impacts on learning and mastering new content, and the impacts of this formed skill on mastering another skill are called skill transfer. Scientific and reasonable application of “transfer principle” in sports psychology courses to competitive gymnastics teaching and training can enable students to master gymnastics knowledge, skills and techniques as soon as possible and as much as possible in limited class hours, and can also improve students' ability to analyze and solve problems. Based on the perspective of humanistic care, this paper discusses and studies the application of the principle of movement skills transfer in gymnastics teaching and training.


Gymnastics; Teaching; Training; Skills Transfer; Humanistic Care