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Research on the Significance and Path Optimization of the Cultivation of Maker Education Based on Multiple Interactions

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DOI: 10.25236/ICRTPE.2019.116


Liu Tao

Corresponding Author

Liu Tao


Higher vocational colleges in our country have seen an overall increase in the number of students. The efficiency of running schools and the level of personnel training have been greatly improved. They have gradually matured from specialty setting to enrollment scale, and have also been reformed and innovated in personnel training. As a higher vocational college, it should combine vocational education with the characteristics of higher vocational students, carry out Maker education, and highlight the characteristics of higher vocational education. Maker education is based on hands-on practice to cultivate learners' innovative consciousness, innovative thinking and innovative ability, and aims at promoting learners' all-round development. Maker education is a systematic project, which needs to be carried out in coordination with various aspects to train students' ability to solve problems, continuously improve students' critical thinking, and finally realize the teaching goal of improving students' all-round quality. Based on the perspective of multiple interactions, this paper discusses the significance and path optimization of Maker education's integration into higher vocational talents training.


Higher vocational colleges; Personnel training; Maker education; Multiple interactions