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Research on College Music Education and Cultivation of Students' Innovative Ability Based on Quality Education Background

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DOI: 10.25236/ICRTPE.2019.110


Yu Qin, Yuan Feng

Corresponding Author

Yuan Feng


College music education is an important position for colleges and universities in our country to carry out quality education. It plays an important role in cultivating students' artistic inspiration, innovation ability and personality cultivation. Innovation is particularly important in music education. It can not only achieve good results in music education, but also cultivate students' innovative thinking and comprehensive qualities, thus promoting the all-round development of quality education. Music quality education plays an extremely important role in improving students' artistic and cultural accomplishment and cultivating students' innovative ability, innovative spirit and practical ability. This paper focuses on how to carry out teaching reforms in college music classrooms and how to use various ways to cultivate students' innovative ability.


Quality education; Music education; Innovation ability