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Research on the Construction of Competency Model of Applied University Teachers

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DOI: 10.25236/ICRTPE.2019.108


Jianfang Zhang

Corresponding Author

Jianfang Zhang


Competency methods and their applications have attracted more and more attention in China, but the research object is still limited to business leaders and some industry management groups, and the discussion on the competency of university teachers is not yet extensive and in-depth. As a large number of Application-oriented Colleges and universities that train practical and innovative talents, they must closely integrate school strategy with the needs of local economic and social development, and give full play to the functions of application-oriented talents training, knowledge and ability innovation, teaching and scientific research, and social and economic services. Teachers are the strategic resources of colleges and universities. The ability level and comprehensive quality of teachers are the key to the survival and development of colleges and universities. This paper uses the method of investigation analysis and empirical comparison, through the comparative analysis of teachers in research-oriented universities and higher vocational colleges, to explore the establishment of competency model of Applied University teachers, so as to provide guidance and basis for the post management and career development of such teachers.


Competency model; application-oriented universities; improvement of teachers' quality;