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The Status Situation and Thoughts on the Inheritance of Chinese Traditional Music in Public Art Education Colleges and Universities

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DOI: 10.25236/ICRTPE.2019.103


Zhang Fan

Corresponding Author

Zhang Fan


China is a country with different ethnic characteristics and rich and diverse regional cultures. However, with the rapid development of China's social economy, the national spiritual culture is also being impacted and influenced more and more by the excellent culture of other countries. At the same time, China's own national culture presents a phenomenon that is not valued. In this paper, the author analyzes the status quo and some problems of Chinese traditional music in the public art education in ordinary higher education institutions, and puts forward the significance and realization measures of the inheritance of Chinese traditional music in public education, in order to achieve the Chinese traditional music plays an important role in the art education of Chinese colleges and universities, and promote the development of Chinese traditional spiritual culture and national cohesion.


Traditional Music; Music heritage; Normal high school; Public art education