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Discussion on Practical Teaching Reform of Tax Curriculum Based on School-enterprise Cooperation under the Background of the belt and road initiative

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DOI: 10.25236/ICRTPE.2019.099


Fan Mei

Corresponding Author

Fan Mei


The implementation of the “the belt and road initiative” strategy provides more opportunities and challenges for the practical teaching reform of the tax curriculum. With the continuous reform of the accounting system and tax system, a large number of application-oriented and compound tax accounting talents are increasingly needed in accounting practice. The course teaching of tax accounting should be adjusted and reformed accordingly. School-enterprise cooperation is a teaching mode in which both schools and enterprises participate in the process of personnel training. Establishing a good and effective cooperation mechanism between schools and enterprises is a good prescription to solve the drawbacks of secondary vocational education and an ineviTable trend of the development of Vocational education. Based on the cooperation between schools and enterprises, the teaching contents and methods of tax course are reformed, and the practical teaching mode of tax accounting is established, so as to improve the teaching quality and cultivate and enhance students' practical application ability.


The belt and road initiative; School-enterprise cooperation; Tax courses; Practice teaching reform