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Analysis of the Relevant Factors of College English Teaching Quality Based on Employment Orientation

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DOI: 10.25236/ICRTPE.2019.096


Wu Chen

Corresponding Author

Wu Chen


Nowadays, education pays more and more attention to the cultivation of students' practical application ability. However, College English education has not carried out this idea very well. College education should give priority to students' career orientation. With the deepening of the new curriculum reform and quality education, employment-oriented training of high-quality compound talents has become an effective means of running colleges and universities. The society has put forward higher and more specific requirements for college students themselves. They should not only have certain professional expertise, but also have strong intercultural communication ability. English education is an indispensable part of college education. College English education aims at cultivating high-end talents for social, production, trade, service and management organizations. This paper analyzes the current situation of college English teaching based on employment orientation, discusses the necessity and urgency of college English teaching reform, and analyzes its related influencing factors.


College English; Employment; Reform; Education