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Deepening Reform and Innovative Development of Higher Vocational Education in New Era

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DOI: 10.25236/ICRTPE.2019.095


Zhou Yanhua

Corresponding Author

Zhou Yanhua


With the development of the new era, higher vocational education has begun to deepen its reform. The most important content of its reform is to optimize the supply of talents, and the most important guarantee is school-enterprise cooperation. But so far, the cooperation between higher vocational colleges and various enterprises cannot be carried out more comprehensively and deeply, and it is difficult to meet the changing needs. The enthusiasm of the two parties is not high, and the system of group-run schools is slightly more difficult to implement. These problems have restricted the implementation of the talent optimization program for higher vocational education to a certain extent. After a series of analysis and research, the results show that the main reasons for this phenomenon are: School-enterprise cooperation system is not comprehensive enough, policy implementation is slow and innovation is not enough. Therefore, deepening the reform of higher vocational education should strengthen the school-enterprise cooperation system in an all-round way, adopt certain policies to improve the implementation ability of school-enterprise cooperation, and innovate the ways and methods of school-enterprise cooperation and its operating mechanism.


New era; Higher vocational education; Reform and Innovation