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Research on the mode of cultivating practical ability of professionals through school-enterprise cooperation based on “internet+”

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DOI: 10.25236/ICRTPE.2019.089


Qin Gong, Zou Li

Corresponding Author

Qin Gong


With the rapid development of the society, the demand on applied talents is increasing. Therefore, various universities should strengthen construction of practice bases in the talent cultivation process to allow students to contact with practical work contents in school. For example, the students majoring in civil engineering need to contact more with actual project to learn about related construction and management technologies widely as well as each construction link. While the students majoring in accounting need to accept substituted post exercitation and have some practical accounting operation in order to lay a foundation for future work. Therefore, under the background of “internet+”, it is needed to pay attention to enhancing the practical ability of students through school-enterprise cooperation in the talent cultivation process. Internet can be used to establish an internship and exchange platform to draw the distance among students, teachers and enterprises, make students enrich themselves in the practical process and realize life-long education.


Internet+; school-enterprise cooperation; practical ability