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The Application of Educational Psychology in Students' Education and Teaching

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DOI: 10.25236/ICRTPE.2019.088


Jun Hong

Corresponding Author

Jun Hong


With the deepening of research on interdisciplinary subjects such as pedagogy and educational psychology, it has become the core of current education to realize the overall improvement of students' quality. Educational psychology revolves around the interaction process between learning and teaching in school situations. If teachers want to carry out education and teaching more efficiently, they cannot simply adopt rigid requirements and strong means to manage students. A qualified educator should not only have rich professional knowledge and good teaching skills, but also master certain psychological theories. Educational psychology plays an important role here. Education and teaching involves communication between teachers and students. Actively applying educational psychology theory in the communication process can not only help teachers understand the students' inner feelings, grasp the students' psychological development rules, but also enable teachers and students to establish good relationships. Educators need to establish a correct understanding and in-depth understanding of the use of educational psychology for education and teaching. It is very important to correct the motivation of students to learn and to develop students' ability to migrate and learn.


Educational Psychology; Educational Teaching; Teaching Quality; Application Value