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Research on Effective Ways and Methods of Ideological and Political Education in Higher Vocational Colleges Based on Four-in-One Mode

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DOI: 10.25236/ICRTPE.2019.084


Xiangwei Gong

Corresponding Author

Xiangwei Gong


Higher vocational colleges need to conduct in-depth research from four aspects of teaching philosophy, teaching content, practical teaching and teaching methods to form a “four in one” teaching form. Ideological and political education for college students is an important work with strong political, ideological, intellectual and contemporary characteristics. Ideological and political education must be carried out in a targeted way to consolidate the ideals and beliefs of higher vocational college students and firmly establish the socialist core value system. By using independent moral education, participatory moral education, selective moral education and other means of educating people, this paper makes an in-depth analysis and discussion on educational concepts, educational contents, educational forms, educational approaches, educational environment and other aspects. Enhance the educational function of colleges and universities, and further enrich the theoretical research of ideological and political education. Effectively change the current employment concept of college students in higher vocational colleges and promote employment. We will conscientiously implement the people-oriented scientific development concept and firmly establish the working philosophy of “student-oriented, serving students to become talents”. Improve the working mechanism and promote the level of college students' ideological and political work.


Four in one; higher vocational colleges; ideological and political education