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Ideological and Political Teaching Reform of Computer Network Course under the Concept of Thinking Innovation

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DOI: 10.25236/ICRTPE.2019.079


Chen Baoqi

Corresponding Author

Chen Baoqi


The advancement of the times and technology will undoubtedly promote the reform of the educational model of colleges and universities. The development of ideological and political education in computer network courses is also an important part of educational reform. Combining their respective teaching characteristics, it is conducive to enhancing students' interest in ideological and political learning. Improve the quality and efficiency of ideological and political teaching. Based on the theory of thinking innovation, this paper explores the characteristics of current computer network courses and ideological and political teaching, and takes the fusion teaching of the two as an opportunity to explore the challenges faced by ideological and political teaching in computer network courses, and proposes a computer network course with targeted thinking and innovation ideas. The ideological and political teaching reform strategy effectively improves the ideological and political teaching efficiency of computer network courses and fosters high-quality comprehensive talents for domestic modernization.


Thinking innovation concept; computer network course; ideological and political teaching