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Analysis on the Strategy of College Sports Information Construction of “Internet +”

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DOI: 10.25236/ICRTPE.2019.078


Zhang Junhua, Wei Haiyang

Corresponding Author

Zhang Junhua


The integration of “Internet + Education” has been deepening. At the same time, the central top design of “Healthy China and National Fitness” has been gradually released. Under this era and policy background, college sports as a pioneer in the national sports reform, the construction of college sports informationization is imperative. Colleges and universities should not only pay attention to the practical significance of optimizing physical education, improving the efficiency of physical education, and realizing the modernization of teaching, but also consider a series of problems such as low importance, lack of ideological cognition, conservative teaching, and lack of effective means of information sharing. And in the aspects of improving the importance, improving the awareness, innovative teaching methods, and smoothing the information sharing channels. so as to promote the construction of college sports information and realize the comprehensive development of college sports.


Internet+; college sports; information construction; strategy