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Research on the Reform of College English Teaching under the Background of Training Applied Talents

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DOI: 10.25236/ICRTPE.2019.072


Yu Shuangshuang

Corresponding Author

Yu Shuangshuang


At present, Chinese higher education focuses on training application-oriented talents. The biggest characteristic of application-oriented talents is that knowledge reserve requires extensive and practical knowledge without fine details. In terms of professional ability, one should be able to be flexible and integrate applications, rather than delving into a specific field of expertise. In terms of comprehensive quality, applied talents are not required to be top-notch and superior, but are required to have high comprehensive cultivation. It can be seen from this that application-oriented talents have richer levels and greater flexibility. The cultivation of applied talents lies between academic talents and skilled talents. Applied English talents should possess both academic and applied abilities. This paper mainly analyses the reform of College English teaching under the background of applied talents training.


Applied talents;English teaching in colleges and universities;Teaching reform;Problem analysis