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Research on the Training of Preschool Children's Song Performance Ability Based on the Combination of Competition and Teaching

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DOI: 10.25236/ICRTPE.2019.070


Tan Chun

Corresponding Author

Tan Chun


Music is a kind of sound art. People can feel and experience music by associating with specific sounds caused by pitch, pitch and rhythm. Children's song performance is an important part of preschool education curriculum teaching, and it is also the basic professional quality that preschool education students must possess. It is an important manifestation of the ability of students majoring in pre-school education and an important examination subject for higher vocational entrance examination. Based on the combination of competition and education, this paper studies the cultivation of preschool children's song performance ability. In the process of teaching implementation, teachers must combine the singing characteristics of pre-school education professional songs, stimulate students' interest and enthusiasm in learning, improve students' initiative and enthusiasm in learning, and promote their children's singing and performance level.


Combination of Competition and Teaching; Pre-school Children's Songs; Performance Ability Training