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Analysis of the Effect of Preschool Dance Teaching on Children's Quality Cultivation Based on Mass Communication

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DOI: 10.25236/ICRTPE.2019.069


Tan Chun

Corresponding Author

Tan Chun


As an important branch of art education, dance education has fully demonstrated its unique educational function and function, and has become an important way to implement quality education nowadays. Dance training for young children is a compulsory course for pre-school education. Its main task is to enhance the coordination and flexibility of young children's bodies, and also to train their perception, imagination and creativity, which plays an important role in promoting their whole-body development. As a dance teacher, we should correctly understand the relationship between dance and moral education and aesthetic education, and have a correct view of education. Therefore, the establishment of dance training courses in pre-school education has a positive effect on the cultivation of children's comprehensive ability, and also plays an irreplaceable role in the healthy growth of children. Based on this, the author based on mass communication to analyze the training methods of preschool education professional children's dance teaching ability, and then put forward their own thinking and insights.


Mass communication; Pre-school dance teaching; Cultivation of Young Children's Quality