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Research on the Cultivation of Children's Dance Creation Ability in Preschool Dance Course Based on Appreciation of Artistic Works

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DOI: 10.25236/ICRTPE.2019.068


Tan Chun

Corresponding Author

Tan Chun


With the progress and development of the times, the new curriculum reform pays more attention to the comprehensive development of children and the improvement of their comprehensive ability. Preschool music and dance creation course is a compulsory course for preschool education majors. Its main task is to lay a solid theoretical and professional foundation for training preschool teachers with dance teaching and creative ability. Teachers majoring in dance should not only have solid basic skills, but also can not change the existing dance posture. The ability to create children's dance is a basic skill for preschool education majors to engage in children's dance education. In the specialty of kindergarten teachers in colleges and universities, the creation and compilation of children's dance movements is a very important course. It integrates all aspects of students' abilities, and its application scope is also very wide. In this paper, through the innovation and reform of traditional children dance's creative curriculum, the thinking mode of pre-school professional students is changed, the students' dancing knowledge is expanded, and the students' children dance creative ability is improved.


Children; Dance; Creation; Thinking Mode