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Research on the Teaching Quality Model of Physical Education Courses in Local Universities Based on Audit and Evaluation

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DOI: 10.25236/ICRTPE.2019.062


Gan Yang

Corresponding Author

Gan Yang


With the continuous improvement of higher education in China, college students are demanding higher and higher teaching quality. The traditional teaching quality evaluation model of physical education has been unable to follow up the current development, which needs to be improved through auditing and evaluation. In view of this situation, this paper makes an analysis of the actual situation of physical education teaching in Colleges and universities, focusing on the existing problems in current physical education teaching, and puts forward a new way to improve the teaching quality of physical education courses in local colleges and universities by means of auditing and evaluation. To enable local colleges and universities in China to follow the pace of educational development, improve the teaching effect of physical education, so that college students can enhance their physical and mental health to be fully developed.


Audit and Evaluation; Local Colleges and Universities; Physical education course; Teaching quality; Model research