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Research on the Reform and Practice of the Teaching Model of Psychological Health Education in Colleges and Universities Based on Positive Psychology

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DOI: 10.25236/ICRTPE.2019.061


Li Yang

Corresponding Author

Li Yang


At present, college students' mental health education is mainly completed through the psychological health courses in colleges and universities. However, at present, the psychological teaching courses in colleges and universities are relatively lagging behind, and the teaching contents and methods are relatively single. In view of this, this paper mainly expounds the necessity of the reform of the curriculum model of mental health education and puts forward the new model and practice of the teaching reform of mental health education in colleges and universities under the background of positive psychology, so as to enrich the teaching content of mental health education courses in colleges and universities, to improve teachers' comprehensive quality and teaching level, and to promote the harmony and stability of the campus environment.


Positive psychology; Psychological health education in colleges and universities; Teaching mode reform; Practical research