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Study on School Education's Inheritance of Folk Culture

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DOI: 10.25236/ICRTPE.2019.060


Sumei Li

Corresponding Author

Sumei Li


Folk culture is the root of a nation and plays an important role in national progress. School education as one of the necessary carriers of the inheritance of folk culture is of great significance for the cultural inheritance to integrate with the development of folk culture. Studying folk culture will enhance students' deep understanding and acceptance of national culture. The introduction of folk culture education in schools is conducive to enhancing students ‘sense of mission and responsibility in carrying forward folk culture and safeguarding national unity. After theoretical analysis, this paper analyses the importance of school education to the inheritance of folk culture, and then puts forward the inheritance strategy of school education to folk culture: bringing the advantage of modern information technology into full play and improving the efficiency of folk culture communication; excavating teaching courses with national characteristics and incorporating them into students' assessment; actively carrying out off-campus cultural practice activities to help students establish college students' folk culture associations.


School Education; Folk Culture; Inheritance; Strategy