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Reform and Practice of Opening Project Teaching in Improving Students' Professional Practical Ability of Visual Communication Major Based on Academic Competition

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DOI: 10.25236/ICRTPE.2019.055


Wang Ying

Corresponding Author

Wang Ying


With the development of the national economy, there is a strong demand for professional talents in the field of art and design, especially senior applied talents with design ability. The open project teaching of academic competitions is more and more applied to various majors, and has achieved good teaching results. The open project teaching system of applied academic contest in visual communication specialty has significantly improved the professional practice ability of students in this specialty. However, this teaching system should be used in the visual communication specialty is not mature enough, and needs continuous improvement and practice to continue to optimize. In view of this, this paper elaborates the content of the reform of visual communication students' professional practice ability, and puts forward the new strategy of the reform and practice of the open project teaching based on academic competition to improve the professional practice ability of visual communication students. Make the teaching system of visual communication specialty more perfect, and provide theoretical guidance for improving the practical ability of students of visual communication specialty.


Academic competition; Open project teaching; Visual communication; Students' Professional Practical Ability