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Research on the Construction of Multidimensional Practice Platform Based on the Cultivation of College Students' Innovation and Entrepreneurship Ability: A Case Study of Logistics Management

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DOI: 10.25236/ICRTPE.2019.048


Liu Dongmei, Sun Weifeng

Corresponding Author

Liu Dongmei


In the current higher education activities, innovation and entrepreneurship education has become a research hotspot. In this context, logistics management, as a strong practical professional discipline, has a positive significance in the process of College Students ‘innovation and entrepreneurship. Therefore, based on the dilemma faced by the practical teaching of innovative entrepreneurship training in logistics management specialty, this paper proposes a multi-dimensional practical teaching platform to provide some suggestions for the cultivation of innovative entrepreneurship of College students.


Innovation and entrepreneurship; Ability training; Multidimensional; Practice platform; Logistics management