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Reform of Translation Course in Local Undergraduate Colleges Based on Computer Aided Translation Training System Platform Technology

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DOI: 10.25236/ICRTPE.2019.046


Jin Ling

Corresponding Author

Jin Ling


With the development of computer-aided translation technology, new changes have taken place in the translation industry. For today's translators, the use of computer-aided translation for text translation is a necessary skill, and it is also a necessary demand of today's translation companies. It is also necessary to bring computer-aided translation into colleges and universities, making students skillfully use computer-aided translation technology, in order to train high-quality translators. This paper analyses the problems existing in the translation course in local universities and the importance of introducing computer-aided translation into the translation course, and then it puts forward some suggestions on the reform of translation course in local universities by using computer-aided translation technology.


Course reform; computer-aided translation; Translation teaching; Undergraduate colleges and universities