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Exploration of Oil Painting Teaching in Colleges and Universities Based on the Development of Art Culture

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DOI: 10.25236/ICRTPE.2019.045


Wei Qing

Corresponding Author

Wei Qing


In the history of art and culture development, oil painting is an extremely important art form, which not only brings people visual aesthetics, but also enriches the human spiritual world. Compared with the growing development of material civilization, the current development of art culture is far from enough to meet the needs of human spiritual life. As one of the important ways to disseminate oil painting culture, oil painting teaching in colleges and universities shoulders the responsibility of transporting high-quality oil painting professionals. However, in the process of its development, there are many problems, such as teachers do not pay attention to renewing the concept of oil painting teaching, ignoring humanistic education and so on. In view of this, this paper combines the advanced teaching concept of contemporary social pluralism, discusses oil painting teaching in colleges and universities, and puts forward scientific innovation in the teaching process, integration of national art and other development ideas, with a view to providing useful reference for the development of optimized teaching in colleges and universities.


Art culture; University oil painting; Teaching research; Strategies