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Integration Research on Innovative Education for Entrepreneurship and Civil Engineering Major in Colleges and Universities

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DOI: 10.25236/ICRTPE.2019.041


Yi Lan, Guan Duan, Ying Chen

Corresponding Author

Yi Lan


Under the background of information age and quality education, the society's demand for talents has gradually tended to be omnipotent and compound. On the one hand, it can promote talents to improve their abilities, on the other hand, it can also promote colleges and universities to cultivate more high-quality talents. Although most colleges and universities gradually attach importance to education reform, they are affected and constrained by many factors in the process of talent cultivation, resulting in many problems. Based on the environment of innovation and entrepreneurship education, this paper first analyses the current situation and characteristics of innovation and entrepreneurship education. It is found that there are many problems in the process of integration of double-innovation education and civil engineering specialty, such as insufficient understanding of educational concepts, lack of scientific curriculum planning, and the professional level of teachers need to be improved. And put forward a series of countermeasures, hoping to provide some reference for the integration of various specialties and innovation and entrepreneurship in the development process.


Innovation and entrepreneurship education; colleges and universities; Civil engineering; Fusion Research