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An Analysis of the Defects of Current Network Education from the Perspective of Educational Psychology

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DOI: 10.25236/ICRTPE.2019.040


Fugao Qin

Corresponding Author

Fugao Qin


With the rapid development of Internet, network education relying on Internet technology has begun to develop further. By analyzing the current situation of network education, this paper finds that the distance between teachers and students in network education will affect students' mental health growth, the ability of education management in network education system needs to be improved urgently, and the gap of network education level is obvious. And through the perspective of educational psychology, this paper analyses the defects of the former network education. Then it puts forward four countermeasures: adjusting the education mode and direction, improving the network education platform, improving the quality of network education institutions and teachers, and improving the technology level of the Internet.


Educational psychology; Network Education; Internet; Defect